Wedding documentary

Your wedding, your personal story

To act as a photographic witness and to accompany all the special moments on your special day is my greatest pleasure.

My mission is for your pictures to represent yourself and your personality. In order to accomplish this, I pay attention to all the cheerful and quiet moments, the big and small gestures and even the tiny mishaps that happen during your wedding. Looking at your pictures later on you will be suprised by all the details andunnoticed moments, but above all you will recognize yourself on your very special day.

Hanna Witte


When I’m not shooting weddings or using my camera in another way, you will find me doing things outside. I love outdoor sports, hiking, climbing, canoeing and even yoga. With a group of close friends I grow my own vegetables on a nearby field and so far we are growing more than 50 different vegetables. In our garden you will find zucchini, broccoli, pumpkins and even beautiful indian cress. Watching my own produce grow gets me all giddy with excitement. I could not think of a better way to wind down after a long day of work than having my hands covered in dirt and the soil under my feet.


In 2009 I graduated with a Bachelors degree for photographic studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund and have been working as professional photographer in Cologne ever since. As a student I gained my first experiences at weddings, but also in the advertising sector. My main focus has always been on portraiture but I specialised in wedding photography early on. Why? Because I love people exactly the way they are and I feel privileged to be present in the very best moments of their lives. Creating something worthwhile and with such emotional value is what motivates me. Knowing that the images I take on that day will be looked at with the grandchildren in years to come is an honour.

Range of Services

There is a sheer endless amount of wonderful moments happening on a wedding day. Big and small, cheerful and intimate. The groom adjusting his tie. The bride checking her make-up for the last time befor finally walking down the aisle towards her fiancé. Or the guests secretly handing out colorful balloons….

You experience so many great moments as bride and groom on your wedding day, but there are also a lot of small details that happen without you noticing. When looking at your pictures later on you will discover many pleasant surprises and details that you were never aware of on your wedding day.

I’d love to be the photographic witness on your big day. The bride putting on her wedding gown in the morning is as much a part of the documentation as the new father-in-law’s speech at the reception. As a photographer my aim is to capture your entire day and personality in a very authentic and intimate way. I focus on capturing your uniqueness and personality, so your pictures represent you and your special day in every way possible. Individual light and color compositions are as much a part of my service as the image processing of every single picture.

Services included

meeting prior to the wedding
In a personal meeting prior to the wedding, we will talk in detail about the celebration and your wishes concerning your photos.

photography coverage on your wedding day
A full day coverage includes the getting-ready, ceremony, couple shooting, reception, celebration, formals and everything in between. It will all be captured in vibrant and authentic pictures.

couple shooting
On your wedding day we will take 30 to 60 minutes away from the crowd, concentrating only on you as a couple to take portraits that reflect your own taste and personality. I also take special care retouching your portraits to make them truly unique.

sorting and processing your pictures
Depending on the amount of time I spent at your wedding, I will select between 100 and 600 pictures from all the shots I took on your day. You will receive all images professionally edited and processed. The RAW files will remain in my care.

You will receive all retouched digital files in high resolution and without a watermark on an individually designed photo-DVD enabling you to print and copy all your images as you desire.

online gallery
The best pictures of the day will be uploaded in a beautiful online gallery for you and your guests to look at any time you wish.

my wedding gift
After the wedding, you will receive 20 selected prints in 10×15 cm (4×6“) via mail – This is my wedding gift to you – to shorten the waiting time for the complete collection.

travel fees
Prices include travel in a 50km radius around cologne. Additional kilometers will be charged with 1,50 €.

Individual service options

second shooter
Two heads are better than one. The advantage of booking a second photographer will not necessarily result in a greater number of images but in a greater variety. Two photographers can capture a situation from two different angles, e.g. following the marriage ceremony from the front and additionally from the back area. This creates a wider range of images from different perspectives.

after wedding shooting
If you find yourself wishing you had more time on your wedding day for the couple shooting, or if you would like pictures in a unique location – I will meet you for an extra shoot a few days later in a place of your choice. No matter if that’s the public pool, subway, a construction site, a farm or any other unique location.

photo booth
You would like different guest book pictures instead of the same boring staged images? I offer to install a mobile photo booth at your reception. Your guests can take their individual shots without restraint, through a remote control shutter release. The pictures will be uploaded in a passwordsecured online gallery. Be aware of the fun!! Photo booths are highly addictive!!!

Part of my service includes a non binding first interview, so we can get to know each other and you
can get acquainted with my shooting style. Cologne, Rome or Melbourne – I will travel all over the
world. I’d love to hear or read from you!


Full wedding day coverage on Saturdays in the summer months starts at 3.200 €.
Smaller packages on weekdays or in the winter months start at 1.800 €.


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